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About Us


MR Investments is a leader in property management services and rental acquisition in the Los Angeles area. The professionals who work for MR Investments bring a number of skills and years of experience to each and every project. We are highly knowledgeable about the specific needs of owners and tenants in commercial, mixed use and multi-family properties, and we’re always looking for the best ways to help out our clients.

Because MR Investments works closely with tenants and owners, we can serve the needs of both of these groups. Tenants come to us to find their next home, making it easier for us to place them in the properties we manage, so we can keep vacancies low for our owners. We work with owners to make sure their properties are appealing to tenants, so that we’re always giving potential renters a variety of top quality choices for their next rental home.

MR Investments takes good service to the next level by addressing tenant and owners needs quickly and thoroughly. Find out what makes our team so great to work with by contacting us today.